Although the controversy concerning Ah Xiang and his girlfriend Irene Chan has yet to subside, the Magic Power former drummer is now accused of forcing himself on another woman.

As reported on Sina News, a woman who wants to be identified only as Ms. A, stated that she was forced to perform oral sex on the drummer during a night out with him.

Ms. A, who admitted to be a fan of the band, claimed that she first met Ah Xiang back in 2015, and that the incident happened when she went out with the drummer for a meal some time ago.
The woman said that Ah Xiang then drove her to a motel and kissed her by force. When she refused to have sex with him, Ah Xiang allegedly demanded for oral sex. The drummer did not contact her ever since.
Ms. A stated that the reason for the exposure is so that the public knows the kind of person Ah Xiang is.
Meanwhile, SHM reported that Ah Xiang’s former agency, B’in Music, addresses the issue recently, saying that they have not been in contact with the drummer since his departure from Magic Power, and thus will not respond to the allegations.
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