Vic Chou has recently denied allegations made by a Thai woman regarding their supposed five-year relationship.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment News, the actor’s manager Miumiu Chai recently expressed her anger over the accusations, saying, “She has gone too far.”

“The story is too far-fetched. First she said it was a one-night stand, and now it’s become a five-year relationship!”
Demanding that the woman, Pear, consult a psychiatrist, Chai added that they have already submitted everything to their lawyer.
“We will take legal action!” she said.
Pear held a press conference in her home country, Thailand, last week to talk about her previous rape accusation.
Although she previously alleged that Vic raped her while he was in Koh Samui filming his new movie in June 2015, she changed her story at the press conference, saying that the two of them had been together for five years.
She also alleged that she was pregnant with Vic’s baby, and had a miscarriage two months later.
Pear showed the media a series of text messages she alleged was between her and Vic, where she wrote in English, and he responded in Chinese. However, she failed to produce more evidence other than the text messages.
(Photo source: sritown.com)