Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation
to your significant other (SO) or someone special that could be anyone from
friend to family. The usual plan for an average Valentine’s Day is brunch,
roses, chocolates, a fancy dinner and then continues to the next day like any
other day. Does that really say I LOVE YOU?
We’re only given one day to officially prove our affection,
although it makes no big difference since we can do it every other day (which
everyone should), but instead of the usual, why not try something with a little
edge, something that would leave a mark in the person’s memory until he or she
wakes up with a smile the next day.
Here are some unusual gifts for Valentine’s Day.

1) A gift card

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I know this sounds very usual, but it is usually done for
birthdays and prize-giving, not Valentine’s. If you have no idea what to get
your SO for the lovely occasion, try and find out where he or she likes to shop
and get them a gift card so they can get whatever they have ever wanted without
having to pay. We do advise to make it a ‘rich’ gift card as it is an annual
event and this is a low-key move. But don’t make that the only thing you get
your SO, don’t want a weak reputation now do we.
Nowadays gift cards are almost available everywhere, if it
is books you are looking for then go over to Kinokuniya Book Stores or if
you’re looking for something fashionable, H&M is the store to check out.
2) Tickets to an event2014 15 ticket277 1774970

Take your other half out to something they have never been
to, maybe a sports match or stand-up comedy. The idea is to just sit back and
watch whatever that is playing for you, similar to watching a movie but the
content has to be different. This is the time where you make memories, so go
for something you have never been exposed to, that is sure to stick in your
What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with good
music, greenery and a moonlit sky? The Bandstand at the Singapore Botanic
Gardens will host a series of fantastic live acts, so grab your sweetheart and
a picnic mat for two unforgettable nights of soul-soothing indie pop this 13
and 14 
February only at Singapore Botanical Gardens.
In Malaysia, there is a lovely concert on the eve of
Valentines’s Day featuring 5 singers from 3 countries. Take your SO to Konsert
5 Divo for a relaxing night or spice things up by watching a play at KLPAC held
from February 12 to 14 to be entertained by the third installment of
“Tales from The Bedroom”.

3) Plant a treeplanting tree mimosa
If you mean every letter in “I love you”, why not
go the extra mile and plant a tree in the name of your undying love.
Considering global warming, you will also be showing some love to Mother Nature
and I’m sure that will bring you some luck. Plus, you can visit the tree every
year to cherish the moment and once it is big enough, you can leave your mark
and carve your names into the tree you both planted.
Why not give Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur a visit at www.facebook.com/FreeTreeSociety
to find out how you can help make this world greener. Singapore has Plant-A-Tree
program by Garden City Fund, check out their website at www.gardencityfund.org/pat/  for suitable planting dates.
A jar to fill notes of favourite things about each other.
You might not be able to express yourself completely through
your words or actions, so get a jar and stuff in everything you like about your
SO, written on strips of paper of course. Ever thought about him or her when you’re
all alone and feel this rush of joy and bliss, whatever you just thought about
is what you should write down and stuff it in the jar. You could start by
giving an empty jar that fills up over time, and finally read it once it is
full. Or you could give a jar that is already filled with beautiful meaningful
notes, that is sure to bring some tears.
5) Adopting a pet.couple and dog
Buying a pet is so last season, adopting a pet is the new
trend. What a better way to show love through adopting an ignored animal in
need of care, not only are you cheering up your SO but you will be giving a new
world to that pet, who is going to annoy you with face licks and fur
everywhere. Although the responsibilities that comes along with the pet will
get some getting used to, but it does prepare you for the day you add to the
world population.
Petfinder could help you out with getting that kitty cat or
dog as their associated with SPCA and PAWS.

6) A bouquet of groceriescandy bouquets

Groceries are essential, flowers are not. So remove the
flowers and add in the groceries to your bouquet and gift your SO with all her
favourite food and snacks for her to binge on later. I mean this is similar to
getting her chocolates but you have to add your own twist as to what he or she
likes and needs. That’s what makes is thoughtful.

7) Clean UP

man cleaning house
Everybody wants to return to a clean home, but it is almost
impossible without having to clean it yourself. So why not offer to clean your
SO’s place this valentine’s? If it is too much work then call the cleaning
services for some help. Imagine walking into your home and it is spotless,
sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Plus, it is better to do it without them knowing
as the surprise will only enhance the sensation.
(Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com)