TVB actress Linda Chung was recently criticised by viewers for the excessive use of English in her new drama, “K9 Cop”.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, who plays a veterinarian in the drama, reportedly has been using a lot of English words in the drama when interacting with both the dogs and other characters.

In viewers’ complaints to the Communication Board, some stated that aside from the supposedly irritating way of the actress pronouncing the word “No” and “Come On” every time there is a scene with the dogs, she would also ‘show-off’ her pronunciation by speaking quickly and condescendingly.
“It was so tiring listening to her,” said one commenter. “I felt like skipping her part whenever she is talking.”
Another person stated that it wasn’t necessary for the character to speak to the dogs only in English.
However, Linda’s fans were quick to defend their star, saying that her use of English was necessary for the role, since she plays a veterinarian who graduated from the US.