Rumours are rife that Kelly Fu’s recent controversy was the reason TVB pulled out her first drama as a lead star, “God of Fortune is Here”, from its scheduled premiere.

As reported on Apple Daily, the drama, co-starring Wayne Lai, Pal Sinn, and Matthew Ho, was originally scheduled to premiere on the Lunar New Year.

However, the top management reportedly decided to postpone its broadcast to an undetermined date following reports about the actress’s alleged affair with the already married CEO of Auto Italia Holdings, Benny Chong.
Netizens also shared photos showing the two of them acting cosy with each other on a vacation in Milan.
Although Kelly had since denied the rumours – stressing that the intimate photos was taken when they were drunk, it was alleged that TVB was not happy with the negative news.
However, TVB recently stated that the postponement was due to the fact that there will be too many dramas starring Wayne Lai in the coming months, and that they have decided to broadcast the series on a later date instead.
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