After her tiff with Stephen Chow’s fans, China Star administrative producer Tiffany Chen seemed to have shifted her attention to another star, and this time it’s international pop star, Madonna.

As reported on Sina News, Tiffany recently expressed her thoughts about the singer’s ongoing show in Greater China, after it was reported that Madonna was more than an hour late for her appearance at the concert venue at Hong Kong’s Asia-World Expo recently.

Madonna also sparked heated debates between the pro-unification and pro-Taiwan independence factions recently after waving and draping herself with the flag of Taiwan during her show in the island. 
The flag has been the subject of controversy since late last year, after Taiwanese K-pop idol Tzuyu gained worldwide attention over her apology for angering Chinese people by waving the Taiwan flag on a Korean TV show.
Expressing her dislike of the Madonna, Tiffany recently published a post on her Weibo account, saying, “I heard that she was more than three hours late on every show. No professionalism at all. She also takes random flags and wave it on stage. What is her intention? Does she want to engage in political debate? Or is she just trying to insult people? I refuse to watch her show.”
She again wrote another post about the singer later that day, saying that Madonna has no respect for her audience, the art, and is lacking any common sense where politics is concerned.
“Madonna does not respect her Chinese audiences, and does not respect the art. Sometimes we as Chinese people are too humble, and our legs go weak when we see foreigners,” she commented. 
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