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It’s almost Chinese New Year, and no one loves CNY more than the talentedly controversial sensation Namewee who releases unique, funny, meaningful and sometimes satirical Chinese New Year songs each year!

This year, the talented Malaysian introduced his latest CNY song which is actually the remixed version of his 2015 CNY song “七洞強” (Chi Dong Chiang) performed by RED People, an online supergroup and artiste management company founded by Namewee himself.

Retitled as “七洞強 2.0”, the song is about the Chinese people all around the world who may have different background, upbringing, lifestyles and experiences, but still celebrate Chinese New Year together with their loved ones.

The music video of the song shows the scenery and landscape of different places with iconic buildings around the world, including Malaysia!

The song so far has received positive reception from the audience, gaining more than 132 thousand YouTube views, and over 3 thousand likes after being released last Saturday.

It even performed better than the original version which has more dislikes than likes, but not as bad as RED People new CNY song for this year,  “又要過年 CNY AGAIN”  – also written and composed by Namewee – which has over 10 thousand dislikes with barely 3 thousand likes.

Also, this is the second time Namewee remixed a song from RED People. The first one was Joyce Chu’s “好想你 I MiSS U” where he created another version with rap verses and retitled it as “好想你2.0”.

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(Photo source: Namewee’s Facebook)