Morgan Freeman in London Has Fallen

Morgan Freeman is the latest celebrity voice to be added to Google’s free navigation app, Waze, joining other famous celebs like Kevin Hart, Elvis Presley and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, drivers can sit back and drive to the “voice of God” himself (Freeman is iconic for his role as God in “Bruce Almighty”), as he directs you around traffic and all the way to your destination.

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According to CNBC, Morgan Freeman was one of the most requested voices of all time on Waze.

His iconic voice is so memorable and soothing, which is why he has narrated countless documentaries, feature films, and commercials throughout his career.

The voice feature is a marketing tie-in for Freeman’s latest film, “London Has Fallen”, where Freeman plays the vice president. In the app, Freeman will address you, the driver, as the president.