More and more adaptations of “Journey to the West” and the likes of it are coming to you in the coming years, according to ECNS News.

With the success of movies such as “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” and “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, as well as the “The Monkey King” franchise, more projects that revolves around the story and its characters will be released soon.

Among them is the third instalment of Stephen Chow’s 1995 two-part movie, “A Chinese Odyssey”, although the actor himself will not be joining the cast.
Another movie to be released this year is the Sino-Indian production of “Xuan Zang”, produced by Wong Kar Wai and starring Huang Xiaoming as the monk whose journey to India during the Tang Dynasty inspired the story of “Journey to the West”.
The sequel to Stephen’s “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” is also in the pre-production stage, with Tsui Hark directing, while the sequel to “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, entitled “Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven” is scheduled for release in 2018.
Director Cheang Pou Soi will likely be directing the third instalment of “The Monkey King” franchise, although there is no news whether Aaron Kwok will return as Sun Wukong or not.