Joey Yung and Dayo Wong are lending their voices to the Cantonese version of the upcoming Disney animation feature, “Zootopia”.

As reported on Mingpao news, Joey, who is doing the voice-over for the main character, an officer bunny named Judy Hopps, stated that she agreed to the project after finding out that she will be working alongside the comedian.

“I really like Dayo’s stand-up comedy shows, and after a long time, I was finally given the opportunity to cooperate with him. I was so excited,” said the singer.
She also stated that Judy Hopps’ sunny and positive disposition is similar to herself. The character’s original version is played by actress Ginnifer Goodwin, while Jolin Tsai does the Mandarin version.
Dayo dubs the voice of the con artist-fox, Nick Wilde, who is voiced by Jason Bateman in the original version.
“Zootopia” tells the story of a rookie bunny cop who has to work alongside a fugitive fox in uncovering a conspiracy.
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