The Indonesian Broadcast Commission (KPI) has restated the
ban that prohibits local television stations from showing male actors act in a
feminine way.
KPI received complaints from the public who was afraid that
the content would somehow influence the younger generation that such behavior
is ‘normal’, which then lead KPI to issue a letter according to The Jakarta Post.
The letter also lists a few rules of behavior that male
talents are required to follow when appearing on screen such as not appearing
in woman’s clothing, wear make up and not using the female body language.
The policy is so strict that actors are even not allowed to
speak in a feminine way, encourage other men to behave as such, call a man by a
woman’s name and even use terms and expressions commonly associated with the
KPI insisted that the rules were part of its 2012
Broadcasting Programme Standards that requires the production houses to respect
the countries religious and cultural norms.
The Jakarta Post added that the commission has enforced its
ruling in the past when Indonesian comedian Kabul Basuki, who shot to fame as a
transvestite named Tessy, was banned from appearing on television in 2009.

(Photo Source: todayonline.com)