Although he previously announced that he will return to Taiwan to hold a press conference explaining his side of the story concerning the previous flag waving controversy, Taiwanese pro-unification singer Huang An was nowhere in sight.

According to NTDTV, the singer previously made headlines when his boycott against Chou Tzuyu, the 16-year-old Taiwanese member of the K-pop group TWICE backfired.

Huang, who accused the teenage star of supporting Taiwan’s independence by waving the flag of Taiwan on a Korean variety show, at first succeeded in creating much backlash against her, even making her lose an endorsement deal with a mobile carrier giant.
However, the support for Huang An quickly faded after a video clip showing a haggard-looking Tzuyu apologising for her previous act sparked anger around the globe.
Huang later tried to mend the situation by pointing a finger towards pro-Taiwan independence media for supposedly using the issue to gain support.
In a Weibo entry he previously posted before decidedly closing the account, Huang stated that he will return to Taiwan on 3 February to make his case and clarify the situation once and for all.
However, the “Butterfly Dreams” singer was a no show on the said date, sparking speculations that he might have changed the return date or cancel the trip altogether.
Another rumour has emerged that Huang, who was scheduled to return to Taiwan to visit his ailing mother, decided to bring his mother to the mainland instead. 
However, upon further probes, it was revealed that Huang’s mother is still in Taiwan.
Sources also claimed that the singer has bought several different airplane tickets from different airlines in order to throw the paparazzi and protesters off his scent, especially since it was reported earlier that a protest will be held on the day of his arrival.
Huang’s rep has yet to respond at the time of writing.
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