Rumours are rife that Twins member Gillian Chung has found love again after she was caught on what seemed to be a date with an unknown man.

As reported on On CC, the singer was recently photographed at a shopping mall in West Kowloon with a tall, bespectacled man.

Oblivious to the presence of the paparazzi, Gillian and her man seemed to have fun together, checking out several shops and looking at several new albums inside a music store.
The man also helped Gillian carry her shopping bags as they exited the mall.
Gillian, who broke up with Korean producer Tyler Kwon in 2014, was previously linked to a guest at a Twins concert, when he gave her a bouquet of 99 roses. 
She later denied the rumours, saying that he was just a fan of the duo.
She has yet to respond to the latest rumour at the time of writing.
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