It is one thing to be caught lip-syncing while performing live, and it’s another to be caught because you’re holding the microphone upside down.

According to Sina News, that’s exactly what happened to Chinese folk singer, Sa Dingding, who became a subject of criticism and the butt of a joke when she performed at the Lantern Festival Gala televised by China’s state broadcaster, CCTV recently.

The singer, known to many as “China’s Bjork”, was smiling sheepishly when she realised that she was holding her microphone upside down as she started singing her song.
She quickly mended her ways and continued with the performance.
Following the broadcast, Sa wrote an apology on her official Weibo account, and joked, “Next time, I’ll improve my acting skill.”
While some criticised the singer for being unprofessional, others were not surprised, saying that it is common for Chinese singers to lip-sync during performances.