Four radio DJs from Hot.FM – a radio station under Media Prima Berhad, have announced their departure from the station slated for 27 February, and this has surprised many loyal fans of the radio station and DJs.

The four renowned local DJs are Fara Fauzana (Farah Fauzana Mohd Fadzil), AG Selamat (Muhammad Azmir Selamat), Ikhwan (Mohd Khairul Ikhwan Rosli) and Liza (Khairu Norliza Khairudin).

However, aside from Fara, the other three DJs will be transferring to a new radio station which is also under Media Prima Berhad, starting from 3 March 2016, Harian Metro reports.

Fara Fauzana who is known to be the face of Hot.FM, will be quitting the radio business for good as she wants to focus on other fields like hosting and giving motivational talks.

The 36-year-old also said that it is time for her to give the opportunity to other younger and talented DJs to shine, and at the same time, she can focus more on spending some time on herself.
Fara Fauzana, AG Selamat and Ikhwan have been with Hot.FM for 10 years.

For now, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Radio Networks, Seelan Paul has yet to reveal the four DJs’ replacements, but there’s a chance that new DJ Fynn Jamal might be replacing Fara Fauzana as one of the AM Krew.

(Photo sources: Hot.FM Facebook)

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