Radio personality Elaine Ng has recently clarified a previous photo with daughter Etta that sparked criticism from the public.

According to Tencent Entertainment, previously, Etta posted a photo with her mother online, where Elaine’s hand can be seen holding a cigarette to her daughter’s mouth.

Etta wrote the caption, “My mother is a wonder[ful] influence.” 
The photo had since made the news, with many people criticising Elaine for her bad influence on her daughter.
However, on 11 February, Elaine responded to the complaints online, saying that it was just a trick photo, and that she didn’t really give Etta a cigarette.
Elaine also expressed her amusement that the media was quick to take the photo off Etta’s social account and turned it into a headline.
“I would like to thank the media for their support and the attention they gave to us. This is a lesson that we both should learn,” she added.
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)