Now that his movie, “From Vegas to Macau”, is releasing its third instalment, Chow Yun Fat stated that he has another wish he would like to fulfill.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who appeared at a press conference to promote the new movie recently, stated that he hopes that another one of the “God of Gamblers” stars, Stephen Chow, will return for another film of the genre.

“I always dream about working on a movie with Stephen Chow, Nick Cheung, and Andy Lau, four generations altogether,” said Chow.
The actor added that he is more than willing to work on such a project if the comedy auteur would make his acting comeback.
His co-star Nick Cheung chimed in jokingly, “That’s the difficult part!”
The collaboration may not be a dream come true, since Stephen Chow and Wong Jing have yet to end their years of conflict.
Stephen was part of the “God of Gamblers” sequel that was released in 1991, in which his character Sing from the parody version of the movie, “All for the Winner”, joins Andy Lau’s Little Knife. He also starred in another spin-off/sequel to his “All for the Winner” and “God of Gamblers” movies, “God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai”.
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