chow yun fat
Chow Yun Fat and wife Jasmine Tan have been married for 29 years with no children, so it was quite a surprise when tabloids reported that a 20-year-old adopted son is going to inherit the actor’s HKD1.3 billion fortune.

According to Epoch Times, rumours of an adopted son have been swirling around for a long time. The couple, who decided not to have any children after Jasmine’s miscarriage back in 1991, reportedly adopted a baby in secret almost 20 years ago with the help of friends and sent him to Australia to further his studies.

It was also reported that Chow even attended the graduation ceremony held in 2012 and gave his adopted son a watch as a gift. The couple was also reported to have spent HKD128 million to purchase a hilltop residence for their child to avoid the media’s attention.
The rumours were further strengthened when Mrs. Chow was recently seen on a jog with a tall young man in his 20s, and was observed being affectionate with each other in a way that a mother and son usually do.
However, when asked about it recently, the couple stated that the man in question was just a nephew, although no detail has been given as to whether or not they have adopted him as their own.
As to whether Chow will donate all his money to charity after his death – like he previously mentioned, the actor stated, “Now is not the time.”
When asked if his inheritance will be given to the nephew instead, he replied, “Probably not”.
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