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A new hawker shop called Southdish opened last Tuesday at Pasir Gudang, Johor, and the shop has been selling probably the cheapest chicken chop in Malaysia – which is priced at only RM2.99!

Seriously, you don’t see this kind of super cheap pricing a lot nowadays, especially with the rough economy in Malaysia. So, it is truly generous of the owner to sell it at such cheap price which obviously wouldn’t make the shop much profit. Right?

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However, just when you think that many would be happy with this offer, some netizens have been heavily condemning and been saying that because the price is too cheap, that it is suspicious.

This all started when a guy who went to the shop two days ago, posted some pictures of the new shop along with the chicken chop, the banner and the whole stall on his Facebook page.

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His post went viral and was shared by many other netizens – over 500 times.

But not all comments about the pricing was positive, some netizens argued that the cheap price is due to the goods being rotten, and some immediately assumed that since the price is cheap, the taste and the service must be bad too.




Nevertheless, there are also a number of netizens who defended the shop saying that this is part of the owner’s charity strategy, as this strategy has also been practiced by some other shop owners in Malaysia.


Since the shop has only been operating since three days ago, let’s wait and see what its fate will be in the future.

Would you want to go try this RM2.99 chicken chop?

(Photo source: Rizal Hakimm’s Facebook)