Mainland model-actress Angelababy will be pursuing legal action against several Weibo accounts following their allegations against her.

As reported on Sina News, previously, the aforementioned accounts published several accusations against the actress, calling her the most manipulative celebrity in the entertainment world.

Aside from accusing Angelababy of stealing an endorsement deal from fellow actress Yang Mi, they also alleged that she is now targeting rising stars such as Zanilia Zhao and Zheng Shuang.
On 22 February, the actress’ studio released a statement on its official Weibo account, saying, “Recently, several microblogging accounts have been releasing malicious allegations and false statements against Angelababy, and these have been widely spread.”
“The studio hereby solemnly states: Please stop spreading lies as these actions are against the law,” it added.
The studio also stated that it has begun legal proceedings to find the culprit behind these malicious attacks, and will resolutely protect Angelababy’s reputation.
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