Taiwanese singer Tzuyu was forced to apologise to the people of the Republic of China following the flag waving controversy.

Previously, Taiwan-born pro-China singer Huang An called for the boycott of the 16-year-old TWICE member and the K-pop group after Tzuyu was seen waving the flag of Taiwan during a broadcast of a Korean variety show.

Her action was deemed to be traitorous, with Huang accusing Tzuyu to be pro-Taiwan Independence. The singer had since been dropped from an endorsement and her activities in China temporarily halted by agency, JYP Entertainment, although the company expressed its support for her.
However, according to ET Today, on 15 January, the dispirited singer posted an apology video on social media with the statement that there is only one China.
“I should have apologised earlier,” said the singer in the video, “but I didn’t have the courage to face everyone since I didn’t know how to react to the situation.”
Tzuyu stressed that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of it.
“As a Chinese, my actions and words overseas have hurt both my agency and the people of China and Taiwan. I feel ashamed and sorry for my action,” she added.
Tzuyu continued saying that she will suspend her activities in China to reflect on herself.
Meanwhile, K-pop fans and Netizens around the globe are divided on the issue, with some praising the singer for her decision to apologise, while others slammed JYP Entertainment for admitting to defeat to China and dragging their artiste into a political drama.