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Minutes after Tame Impala’s concert tickets for their show in Kuala Lumpur went on sale, they were selling like hotcakes!

The Australian psychedelic rock band is scheduled to perform at this year’s Urbanscapes event on 23 April 2016, but when the sale of their concert tickets started going live on the Ticket Pro website yesterday, everything got sold out really quick!

Now, the tickets for Phase 1 and 2 which are priced at RM199 and RM229 respectively, are already sold out, with only the Phase 3 tickets selling at RM259 remaining.

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However, the fact that the 2 phases of tickets got sold out within minutes, has infuriated many concert-goers who complained that Urbanscapes are selling a very limited number of tickets so that they can get more people to buy them later at the door sale price.

Furthermore, many also requested Urbanscapes to hold Tame Impala’s concert at a bigger venue, instead of KL Live, considering that they have quite a number of fans in Malaysia.

According to KL Live’s website, the venue is able to accommodate up to 2,500 pax (standing crowd).

Tame Impala was founded by Kevin Parker in 2007 and the band was nominated at The Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album for their second album, “Lonerism”.

The band has performed at plenty of sold-out shows and music festivals like Coachella, Sasquatch Festival, Glastonbury Festival and Laneway Festival.