Taiwanese director Lin Boxun was revealed to have been seriously injured in an unexpected attack that occurred recently.

According to Epoch Times, the 41-year-old director reportedly was waiting for his ride at a bus stop in Zhuhai when he saw a homeless man wearing only a t-shirt in the cold winter day.

Taking pity on the man, Lin took off his own coat to cover him, but the man misunderstood his kindness and quickly fought back. Lin was assaulted and injured by a weapon during the dispute. His belonging was also taken away.
It was reported that Lin went to the hospital himself. Although he was scheduled to be discharged on 20 January, his condition had since worsened.
Doctors were also quoted saying that the situation “is not optimistic”.
Meanwhile, Lin’s wife stated that her husband is unable to speak and has no facial expressions. However, his eyes are open and that he seemed to recognise other people and his surroundings.
Lin, who has been working in the industry for 20 years, has served as a producer of several Taiwan’s television programmes, directed several music videos and commercials, and has been working in the mainland for the last eight years. 
His upcoming screenplay, “Baby, Don’t Be Afraid” has already been finalised and will star actor Huang Lei among others.
(Photo source: hk.apple.nextmedia.com)