Stephen Chow recently treated fans to a ferry ride in Hong Kong on 11 January to promote his upcoming movie, “The Mermaid”.

According to CRI News, the comedy auteur, who showed up on a ferry ride alongside cast members Show Luo and Lin Yun, stated that he decided to make a movie about a mermaid since he has always been fascinated with the mythical creature.

“I have loved mermaids since I was little. I am very happy to be able to make a movie about it,” said Stephen.
He also expressed his love for the ocean, adding that he is a good swimmer.
Lin Yun, who stars as the titular character in the movie, stated that she was nervous about working under Stephen’s direction.
“He’s an icon. I didn’t know what he saw in me,” said Lin. 
“She swam very well,” Stephen quipped.
“Mermaid” is set to be released on Lunar New Year’s day.
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