“I like old songs,” said Stephen Chow, at a Beijing press conference held recently to launch the theme song of his new movie, “The Mermaid”, Mingpao reported.

The director’s response was in reference to his song of choice for the movie – the classic, “You Are Still the Best in the World”, originally performed by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng for the 1983 drama, “Legend of the Condor Heroes”, now re-recorded by Karen Mok and Adam Cheng.

“This song’s first element is wuxia and the second is emotion. The song represents everything. No matter how I look at it, in the end you’re still the best,” he said.
Stephen also praised his two chosen singers, Adam and Karen, saying that their version had a stronger emotion and suited the feel of the movie.
“The Mermaid”, starring Deng Chao, Lin Yun, and Show Luo, is scheduled for release this 8 February.
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