What did comedy director Stephen Chow made Kris Wu do during his audition for a role in the new movie, “The Mermaid”?
According to the former EXO member, he was asked to play a man suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, and an uncultured nouveau rich.

Epoch Times reported that the singer, who appeared at “The Mermaid” press conference in Guangzhou alongside the director and other cast members recently, recalled that he was eating dinner with the director when the latter asked him to portray the two characters.

Kris stated that he made the cut after giving Stephen a convincing performance.
When asked why, Stephen said that he wasn’t trying to make fun of the disease, but that he wanted to see how Kris would try to portray something that is hard to do.
“Some people may exaggerate it, while others would simply refuse to do it,” he said.
However, Stephen said that he didn’t use the same criteria in other auditions, and that he determined the cast’s ability based on their situation.
“For example, Kris has an experience in acting, but Lin Yun has none. I would have to measure the extent to which they should achieve at the audition based on their own situation, and see if it will match their roles in the movie,” he said.
However, both Kris and Stephen remained tight-lipped about the singer’s role in the movie, to be released on Lunar New Year.
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