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Talented singer-songwriter from Malaysia, Resh (previously known as, Reshmonu) has been gaining success globally and internationally after making a comeback with his latest hit, “Half the Man”, and one of the countries who certainly loves Resh more than Malaysia is none other than its neighbouring country, Indonesia.

Since the release of his classy black-and-white music video, “Half the Man”, Resh has garnered more than 145 thousand views on YouTube, and the 39 year-old singer told TheHive.Asia that 70 percent of the views come from Indonesia!

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Resh at the press conference of “Change is the Only Constant” at Live House, TREC KL.

“Resh has been trending very fast in Indonesia,” said Kenny Ong, Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia and Singapore. “Two weeks ago, the managing director of Universal Music Indonesia called me and asked “Who is Resh? He is trending really fast here, we must have him over!”

“As you all may know, Indonesia has a lot of local supporters so international tracks doesn’t do really well in the country, so it’s amazing that Resh can get their attention,” he added.

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Resh receiving his very own customised luggage bag from the managing director of  Universal Music Malaysia and Singapore, Kenny Ong. 

The song even made it onto – and it’s still there – America’s Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) chart, a radio airplay broadcast monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs on more than 7,000 radio stations worldwide.

To put it quite simply, it means that Resh’s song has been receiving airplay on various notable radio stations all across the world!

What’s next for Resh is that he’ll be going on a press tour to promote his new EP “Who Am I” which features six tracks including his single, “Half the Man”.

After carrying out his tour in Malaysia and Singapore, Resh’s next stop will be Indonesia and the Philippines.