Media Asia Entertainment boss, Peter Lam, was allegedly so sick and tired of the negative news surrounding his company’s talent, Ethan Ruan, that he decided to cast Eddie Peng in all of the movies previously offered to Ethan.

According to Phoenix News, Lam previously planned to cast Ethan and his then girlfriend Tiffany Hsu in a movie together, among the few. However, their sudden breakup last year has caused the postponement of the project.

Lam was also unhappy with Ethan’s lacklustre performance in “Paradise in Service”, as well as the delay of the new variety programme he was taking part in.
On the other hand, Eddie Peng’s star has been shining for the past few years – working back-to-back in box office hits and successfully avoiding negative rumours.
After much consideration, Lam reportedly has decided to replace Ethan with Eddie for several movie projects, including the romantic film with Tiffany Hsu.
Tiffany’s role has also reportedly been given to Amber Kuo.
Both Ethan and Tiffany have yet to respond to the rumours.
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