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The recently-crowned TV Queen Nancy Wu has a big ambition that does not involve acting – to hold a concert with her Nonsense Club sisters.

According to Mingpao News, speaking to the media at an event recently, Nancy stated that she is interested in performing on stage with her good friends Mandy Wong, Paisley Wu, Selena Li, Myolie Wu and Elaine Yiu.

They previously showcased their singing talents at Myolie Wu’s wedding, which gained a lot of compliments from the guests.
“We would like to sing. Mandy and I also would like to dance. Everybody can sing, and we do feel that we have a lot of support. Let’s see if we can hold a concert together in 2016,” said the actress.
When asked to suggest the perfect venue to accommodate all of them, Nancy replied, “It’s impossible to get the Hong Kong Coliseum. Perhaps the Queen Elizabeth Stadium or the Star Hall will do.”
When asked if boyfriend Terry Chan will help, Nancy said that she will ask the music producer, as well as another record producer, Pal Sinn, to write them a song.
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