After their grand wedding held at the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton recently, newlyweds Myolie Wu and Philip Lee held another more traditional ceremony at the Lee family shrine.

According to On CC, on the morning of 2 January, the couple arrived in Philip’s village for the ceremony, wearing bright red attire as they performed the traditional rituals at the family shrine and paid respect to the Lee ancestors.

As the Lee family shrine was newly-renovated last year, Myolie and Philip became the first couple to hold the ceremony there.
It was also observed by the many villagers who lived nearby, and featured the Kylin dance.
“We just want to follow the tradition,” said Myolie about the ceremony. “Although we have already registered our marriage, we still want to do the traditional process. And since Phil is the oldest son, we try to accommodate as much as possible.”
When reminded that the people at the ceremony wished them to have two children in three years’ time, the actress joked, “I hope I can give birth to three babies in one year!”  
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