It’s game over for Magic Power vocalist, Gaga, who was fired from his band by the record label over recent public indecency incident with Popu Lady singer, Bao’er.

According to Taiwan’s Yahoo! News, on 23 December, the singer was photographed grabbing and kissing the Popu Lady member outside a pub, following what seemed to be an argument.

The incident sparked not six months after a previous scandal with Amber An, which caused his temporary ban from performing with his group. Back in June last year, a video of Gaga lifting Amber’s skirt went viral, with Netizens criticising him of not respecting women.
Although Gaga has apologised for his public indecency recently, his record label, B’in Music, has revealed that Gaga will be withdrawing from the band.
In a press statement released a few days ago, the company stated that it has given Gaga more than one chance and would not tolerate another similar mistake.
“We neither encourage nor approve such misconduct. Today, we have made this reluctant decision, that Gaga will officially withdraw from Magic Power after the last contracted show on 31 January.”
The singer’s fans have already started a petition to keep him in the band.
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