Rumours are rife that movie stars Nick Cheung and Louis Koo are planning to make a TVB comeback soon, following their involvement in the upcoming movie adaptation of the hit 2014 series, “Line Walker”.

According to Singtao Daily, the two stars were recently introduced as new characters in the upcoming film, which will witness the return of Charmaine Sheh’s character Ting Siu Ka, as well as another addition, Francis Ng, who will play Ting’s new boss.

Louis shared that both he and Nick will be filming the movie in Brazil and Macau, and that most of the scenes will be action-packed.
When asked to respond to rumours of a comeback to TV drama, Nick and Louis stated that they will consider making a comeback if they can find the right script and the right time.
As for rumours that they have accepted a high fee to appear in “Line Walker” the movie, Nick stated that he doesn’t have the right to talk about his price.
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