Working together with Stephen Chow for the first time on her acting debut was not an easy feat, confessed “The Mermaid” actress, Lin Yun.

According to Oriental Daily, the 20-year-old is the latest actress to be dubbed the “Sing Girl” – a nickname given to actresses who has worked with the comedy actor or was introduced through his movies. And just like the others, her first impression of the comedy man was different from what she expected.

“Before I met him, I thought he was a funny man who likes to joke around. But the real Stephen is very strict when it comes to work,” said Lin.
The comedy auteur is also infamous for having a row with his cast or crew whenever he was unsatisfied with their work, but Lin denied experiencing anything of the sort.
“He never shouted at me. Whatever he wants me to do, he will demonstrate for me. He has been very kind to me,” she said.
On the other hand, Lin said that she experienced a different kind of difficulties while filming the movie, that is when it comes to working with a safety harness.
In one instance, she nearly disfigured her face, Lin said.
“It’s normal to get injured when you wear the harness. But one day. one of the actors had to descend into the water above me. I accidentally knocked my head [against him] and fell face first. My nose was swollen and bruised. Fortunately, it was nothing serious,” she said.
“The Mermaid” is scheduled for release this Lunar New Year.
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