Hong Kong actress Lily Ho has issued a letter through her lawyer, demanding ex-boyfriend Hinson Chou to apologise for his previous statement.

According to Sina News, previously, Hinson told the media that the reason for his breakup with Lily was because her family demanded HKD200,000 (approximately USD26,000) in monthly living expenses from him.

Hinson alleged that Lily’s sister, Gigi, has asked the money from him and allegedly told him that they would not let him continue his relationship with Lily otherwise.
However, Lily, who has denied the allegations, revealed to the media recently that she has sent a letter from the lawyer last weekend and demanded Hinson to make a public apology. 
“The aim is to defend my family’s dignity and reputation. I want him to make a public apology. I will not make further comment since the matter has been handed to the lawyer,” said Lily.
The actress also stressed that she is a devout Christian and hinted that Hinson knows very well the actual reason of their breakup.
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