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With less than two weeks until the main event, Laneway Festival Singapore 2016 is proud to introduce the instalment of a fourth stage this year.

The stage is set up with local collective Syndicate, bringing together a new genre of local and international electronic DJs and visual artists, including Australia’s JPS, Singapore’s Mean, and visual artist Brandon Tay accompanying duo Kiat & Kane on stage.

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In a statement released on St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore’s official page, co-founder of Laneway Festival, Danny Rogers, noted that:-

“Around October last year, following a walk-through of the site with our trusted local team, we agreed we should look at building a brand new stage in Singapore. We didn’t want it to be a token. We wanted it to be something for Singapore by Singaporeans. After a long brainstorm, we decided to approach the team at Syndicate, who would no doubt deliver something magical. So, like Ghostly International in Detroit, Future Classic in Australia and our friends from London, Eat Your Own Ears and Young Turks, we invited them to collaborate with us in building a brand new stage experience that runs parallel to the Cloud Stage. This means that the area is going to have 11 hours of non-stop tunes, and it’s going to be a wild street party like the early Laneway Festivals. It’s the first time we are doing anything like this in Singapore, and we believe it will spawn a new period of us taking on unique collaborations.”

With the addition of a new stage, the number of the audience is estimated to be more than last year’s, which is around 13,000. The team of Laneway Festival aims to make the festival bigger and better each year.


Taking place on 30 January at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, Laneway Festival 2016 will feature famous international, regional and local performers like Battles, Chvrches, Cheats, Riot in Magenta, GDJYB, Shamir and more!

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Tickets can be purchased at sistic.com.sg.

(Photo source: Laneway Festival Singapore’s Facebook)