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Korean entertainment agency, JYP Entertainment, has released a statement to express regret over the controversy surrounding one of its talents, TWICE’s Taiwan-born member, Tzuyu.
Previously, it was reported that Tzuyu has been dropped from endorsement by a Chinese brand, after a pro-China Taiwanese singer named Huang An accused the singer of being pro-Taiwan Independence for waving the Taiwan flag in a variety show in Korea. 
Rumours are also rife that the singer has made a remark that supposedly hurt the feelings of Chinese people, although no media outlets have reported on this before.
On 13 January, JYP stated that it was disappointed that false rumours were being spread online about Tzuyu, and that the company and its talents have neither engaged in any political action nor made any comments regarding China’s political situation.
However, the company stated that it will temporary halt all Tzuyu’s upcoming activities in China until the issue can be resolved.
Meanwhile, Netizens and fans of the group have expressed support for the singer, saying that the 16-year-old was no more than a victim in a twisted political struggle.
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