They secretly registered their marriage back in November, and now Louis Fan and JJ Jia were revealed to have secretly held their wedding reception on New Year’s Day.

According to HK Channel, the actress recently confirmed the news, although expressed shock that the media has found out about the wedding.

“I never thought that people would find out!” she said.
JJ revealed that they made a mutual decision to hold an intimate affair attended only by their family members, instead of a lavish wedding.
The banquet, held at a hotel on 1 January, was a small one, with only two round tables reserved for their families. The couple didn’t even invite celebrity friends such as Timmy Hung or Jacqueline Chong.
And instead of a diamond ring, the actress wore a matching gold band with her husband that the two of them bought during their trip to Turkey last year.
As for baby plans, JJ said, “At this point, we just want to focus on our careers. We need to have a stable career to take care of our family.”
(Photo source: ihktv.com)