Jackie Kung Fu Panda 3
Jackie Chan admitted that it was both fun and challenging to do the voice acting for the third instalment of DreamWorks’ animated film series, “Kung Fu Panda”.

According to CRI News, the action star, who appeared at the press conference for “Kung Fu Panda 3” recently, stated that it was extra challenging for him since he played two different roles for two different versions.

In the US version, Jackie reprises his role as Master Monkey, while he voices the role of Po’s father Li Shan in the version released in China (played by Bryan Cranston in the US version). Jay Chou replaces him as the Monkey in the Chinese version.
“I did my recording in the US, Hong Kong, Beijing, as well as Shanghai. They asked me to do the recording when they had finished almost all the preparations, since my schedule was packed with other filming projects in various places around the world,” said Jackie.
Meanwhile, the animated feature has already become a box office hit in China even before its US release, earning an impressive USD6.4 million in its three-hour previews last weekend.
(Photo source: martialartsmoviejunkie.com)