“The Midnight After” star Tsui Tin Yau recently revealed that director Fruit Chan had a plan to invite English singer-songwriter David Bowie to make a cameo role in the sequel – a dream that will never come true following news of Bowie’s death.

According to Mingpao, speaking to the media at the special screening of Janet Chun’s “Les Aventures d’Anthony”, Tsui stated that they previously used Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” in the movie, and that Fruit had wanted to invite the singer to actually make an appearance in the second film.

“I never expected that he would pass away even before the film starts production. It’s quite a shame, because I can only dream of the ideas that the director would have for it,” said Tsui.
As to the actual date for the sequel to begin production, the actor replied, “I am not sure, but I hope it will be as soon as possible.” 
Fruit confirmed Tsui’s statement, saying that he had wanted to invite Bowie as a surprise for fans.
“Now the producers and I will have to discuss it again,” he said.
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