Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi and husband Qin Hao have confirmed rumours of her pregnancy with an ultrasound photo of the baby, as reported on Mingpao News.

The 46-year-old previously sparked rumours of pregnancy after she was spotted visiting the hospital for a prenatal checkup, followed by a trip to the bookstore to buy a nutrition book for pregnant mums.

On 14 January, the actress’ actor husband Qin Hao responded to the rumours by posting an ultrasound photo of her baby online, saying, “Little monkey, welcome to earth. Little Crazy, you have worked hard!”
The post was also forwarded by the actress, inviting congratulatory remarks all around, including from her ex-husband, Harlem Yu.
This is Annie Yi’s second pregnancy, although it would be Qin Hao’s first baby. The actress already has a son Harrison with her former husband.
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)