What do Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, and comedy star Shen Teng have in common? 
The three of them will be starring in Wong Jing’s upcoming comedy movie, “Trump Card Teasing the Trump Card” (translated title).

According to Sina’s Daily News, Andy, who appeared at the press conference in Beijing with his co-stars, stated that he decided to do the movie after finding out that Shen, who last year starred in the hit comedy “Goodbye Mr. Loser”, will also be in it.

“At first I thought that my character would get to pull pranks on him, but it turns out his character is my leader,” he said.
“I get the best role in the film. I am playing Andy Lau’s superior. And that’s why I am doing this movie,” quipped Shen.
Meanwhile, Huang stated that he is honoured to work with Andy for the first time, and that he has no issue playing a comedy character this time around.
“Just like my character, I like to make people happy,” he said.
The new movie will also star Hong Kong comedian Wong Cho Lam, mainland actress Michelle Hu, and Taiwanese star Nana Ou-yang.
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