Both Aaron Kwok and Zhang Jinlai (also known by the stage name Liu Xiao Ling Tong) denied that they have been invited to perform as Monkey Kings at the upcoming CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Mingpao News reported.

The response came after it was reported that the superstar, whose new movie “The Monkey King 2” is set to be released on Lunar New Year, will be performing together with Zhang, who has a firm grip on the role since it has been played by four generations of his family.

However sources claimed that the actor had to withdraw participation due to his leg injury. He has earlier postponed a concert in Malaysia because of it.
When asked about it recently, Aaron’s rep stated that they have never received any notification from CCTV Spring Festival organiser about a performance with Zhang.
CRI News reported that Zhang has also revealed that he has not received any invitation by the organiser, arousing criticisms from many people who believed that the actor’s participation in the programme is a must – considering his background as a Sun Wukong performer and the fact that it is the Year of the Monkey.
(Photo sources: ol.mingpao.com / szdaily.sznews.com)