Hi there, how has 2015 been treating you? If you instinctively grinned brightly at the mention of “2015”, please step aside, this is an article meant for those who haven’t had an auspicious year and is looking to improve their luck big time.

Then again, if you want the Goddess of Fortune to smile even wider at you in 2016, there’s no harm in reading on.

Now for those who snorted or started flipping tables when “2015” was mentioned, maybe you’ve just been ushering the New Year’s in wrong. It’s time to be a more hospitable host. 
Here we have some useful tips, and they’re not just any tips, they’re fun tips. Whether you are a superstitious person or not, just give these babies a try. If they’re too ridiculous to even fathom, well, at least we’ve made you chortle or snort (snortle?) with delight.  
Read on for our fun(ny) New Year superstitions:

1. Hang A Lemon

(Photo source: Food Matters)
If Christmas has mistletoes, New Year has lemons. Hear us out, hanging a lemon won’t seem so crazy once you know all the deets. Everybody wants to ward off bad mojo, right?  Well, that’s where this zesty yellow fruit comes in, simply hanging it in the doorway helps ward off bad spirits. This usually comes hand in hand with loud noises (bad spirits aren’t big fans of those either), so be sure to put fireworks on your New Year’s Eve shopping list too. Also, if your kitchen has more chilies than lemons, no worries – chilies work too! 

2. Dance Around A Tree

(Photo source: Earthadelic)
We promise, this is a very sane superstition to try out. Maybe try to round up some friends for this though, a crowd looks less conspicuous compared to a lone person enthusiastically flailing about a tree. If you’re thinking of hiding from judging eyes by doing this indoors, too bad, this only works outdoors. So off to the park (or sidewalk?) you go if you’re looking to increase your luck, love and wealth for next year!

3. First Person (a.k.a. Tall, Dark & Handsome)

(Photo source:
Okay, unless you’re Victoria Beckham, there’s probably very little chance for People Magazine’s 2015’s Sexiest Man Alive! to walk through your doors. So don’t get your hopes up that high. Still, you’ll need someone tall, dark and handsome to be the first person to enter your house after the stroke of midnight – even better if he brings wine. It is believed that this superstition brings good luck for you throughout the year. No one cross-eyed, flat-footed or unibrowed though…so, sorry Bert, go home to Ernie.

4. Avoid Crying Cat

(Photo source: GoodFon)
Adorable – or grumpy – as they are, cats just can’t catch a break. The black ones are often accused of being the harbinger of bad luck. On New Year’s, however, this applies non-discriminatively to all cats. It is believed that a crying cat brings bad omen, so always run in the opposite direction if you hear one. This will be a little tricky if you have cats all over your house, so book them a one-night stay at the nearest pet hotel and pick them up once New Year’s celebration’s over. It’s the best for everyone…and every cat. 

5. Work

(Photo source: Cosmopolitan)
Here’s something for the workaholics! Or those stuck celebrating New Year’s in the office. Don’t fret because it is said that doing a token amount of work on New Year’s Day will ensure a good career track for you throughout the year. But…if you happen to be in the office this early (or late?) to start on a big project, that spells bad news for you career-wise. Starting serious work project on New Year’s Day is considered unlucky. Oh well, there’s always next New Year’s. Carry on with your table flipping.
Here’s to a happy 2016 to everyone!
(Photo sources:, Earthadelic & Food Matters)