Local online supergroup RED People who is also an artiste management company founded by the controversial but talented Namewee, has recently released an early Chinese New Year music video. However, the video seems to receive more hate than likes from the netizens.

Titled as “又要過年 CNY AGAIN”, the song aims to be different than all the other typical CNY songs, and is delivered in EDM style with a mix of hip hop and disco beats where the singers are dressed in modern Kpop-ish clothes, singing and dancing monotonously to the music beats.

Red People《又要过年》

You could say that the song is certainly a refreshing take on the usual CNY song and you certainly have to give applause to the RED People for their boldness, but it just somehow doesn’t fit. Chinese New Year is a traditional celebration, thus everything is meant to be traditional – even the songs!

Since it released on YouTube on 26 December, the song has been receiving more dislikes than likes.

Its current dislikes is 4,951 and likes is only 1,605 – which to be honest, is not even something new, as their 2015 CNY song which was released earlier this year also received the same feat.

“Haha!!! DISLIKES more than LIKES again!!!! Come on!!! CNY song mah!!! Why so serious? XD” Namewee posted a status on his Facebook.

RED People’s 2015 CNY song “七洞強” (Chi Dong Chiang) was previously said to be the worst CNY songs ever (but at least it does sound like a typical CNY song), but now  the team seems to be break their own record with an even worse CNY song (as feedback received by netizens).

Listen for yourself!