Myolie Wu has recently denied rumours regarding fiancé Philip Lee’s supposed lavish spending.
Previously, tabloids reported that the businessman was not as wealthy as he was made out to be, although he has been spending money like a millionaire.

It stated that Philip, whose net worth is supposedly lower than that of his fiancée, has been renting a lavish apartment with a steep rent that he can scarcely afford.

According to Epoch Times, when asked about it recently, the actress, who appeared at an event recently, said that she has yet to read the reports but stated that the two of them both have their own property and have no need to rent.
“But we have been on the lookout for a suitable marital home. We won’t mind renting or owning, as long as it has easy access to facilities,” she said.
As for allegations that she makes more money than he does, Myolie stated that she doesn’t even know her own net worth.
However, Myolie stressed that Philip’s night club is not the only business that he has, and that he also owns a headhunting firm.
“I hope the media will write more positive things and will support and bless [our marriage],” said the actress.
As for her wedding, Myolie, who just recently concluded filming in Tianjin to prepare for the upcoming reception, to be held on the 28th, stated, “I am quite nervous. I have even been suffering from minor breakout because of it, but I will apply facial masks so my skin will look good on my wedding day.”
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