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A new trail leading to the Mount Kinabalu summit was reopened to climbers on 1 December 2015.

The “Ranau Trail” is a new route planned for climbers which begins from Timpohon Gate at the base of the mountain to the summit, Low’s peak (4095.2m).

The new route is apparently not more difficult than the previous one, however it is said to be just as challenging.

The Laban Rata rest stop for climbers where a night is usually spent has also been renamed to “Panalaban”.

According to The Malaysian Insider, the services provided by mountain guides have been increased from RM150 to RM230 per trip.

After the devastating 5.9 magnitude earthquake which had struck the state of Sabah on 5 June 2015, killing 18 people, all climbing activities were put to a halt until the authorities had properly examined and secured the site for safety.

Back in September 2015, climbers were allowed to hike the mountain but only up to the rest house at Laban Rata (3,272m).

Ice chips form at the summit where the climate is about -3 degrees Celsius.  
Freezing water found at the summit.
A climber getting that picture perfect shot.

(Photos Source: Kundasang Twin Homestay)