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We’ve seen and heard of Adele’s monstrous hit, “Hello” plenty of times already.

There’s the Miss Piggy version, the one from Ellen who claims that the song was from a conversation Adele had with her, as well as a hilarious version from YouTube personality Miranda Sings.

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Just when you thought social media couldn’t get any more creative with the song, YouTube user Matthijs Vlot released a movie and TV mashup of “Hello” which is probably one of the best parody versions ever, having iconic characters from famous shows to sing the song!

The YouTube user edited a number of clips perfectly and had famous faces sing the lyrics of the powerful breakup anthem which has already broken several records to become the biggest hit song of the year.

There’s characters from “Star Wars”, “Mission Impossible”, “Flintstones”, “Batman”, “Superman”, “Harry Potter”, “The Matrix”, “The Simpsons”, “Sesame Street” and many more!

Check out the hilariously creative video below!