A Malaysian ad agency, Dentsu Utama has been accused of plagiarising the work of 21-year-old European design student named Tom Anders Watkins for their WWF (World Wildlife Fund) campaign titled, “Cross River Gorilla” which they won a Silver Award for Outdoor Advertising at Malaysia’s Kancil Awards 2015.

According to World of Buzz, Tom first called out for help at Imgur before taking it to Twitter and Reddit, hoping that he would get a reply from the local ad agency.

But so far there has been no response from Dentsu Utama on the matter, but his post has garnered more than 200 comments on Reddit, 400 comments on Imgur and retweeted almost 800 times.

Many internet users urged Tom to get a lawyer and sue the company, but some users claimed that the similarities are merely a coincidence.

One of the users, pstv commented on Imgur, “Unfortunately it’s not that identical, the idea of using circles to create simplistic animal shapes has been around for a while.”

Tom has started using circles technique since April 2014 with his “Animal Logos” portfolio while the campaign was released in 2015.

Although the two drawings are not exactly identical, it is strikingly similar if you put them side to side, as the positions of the circles and shapes of the gorillas are almost the same.

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In the Kancil Awards page, Dentsu Utama explained that the circles in their campaign were used “to represent mass animal poaching”.

This is not the first time the ad agency has been accused of plagiarising. Earlier this month, they had also been accused of plagiarising a series of Chinese medicine-themed designs by Challenge Skateboard, which they also won several awards for, Mumbrella Asia reports.

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