Although it has been a while since they broke up, model-actress Lynn Hung admits that she does read news about ex-boyfriend Aaron Kwok’s new love life.

According to HK Channel News, the actress, who appeared at a recent event, confessed that she is up-to-date with Aaron’s love life, and jokingly added, “There is news about it every single day. It’s hard not to read it.”

Lynn added that it is important to be happy and that she is happy to give him her blessings.
When asked if she has any ire against Aaron for not publicising their relationship previously like he has done now with Moka Fang, Lynn replied, “I am very happy now, and I won’t think unhappy thoughts. The past is not important.”
She added that she is more comfortable now with her relationship with Ken Kwok, especially since she doesn’t have to hide anything.
“I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong things. It’s great to be able to date like normal people,” she added.
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