Fans are delighted when they heard that Jerry Yan has responded positively to ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-ling’s previous remark.

According to Tencent Entertainment, last week, the 41-year-old model-actress admitted that she still kept in touch with the actor, and that there is no bad blood between them.

When asked if there would be any possibility of reconciliation between the two, Lin smiled as she replied, “You have to ask him. A lot of fans want us to reconcile.”
“Personally, I do not resist the idea!” said Lin, although she later added that she has heard about Jerry’s new rumoured girlfriend, Seana Chang. 
However, in an interview with the media later on, Jerry, who admitted that he has heard about Lin’s remark, responded through his manager, “I am also looking forward to sharing the happy moment!”
While fans of both stars are happy with the new development, some expressed confusion about Jerry’s relationship with both Lin and Seana Chang.
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